Clarel Rankine

...the person behind the gallery:

ClarelAmure Inc. handmade craft business was started in 2011. It originally started with mini tea sets and collectibles. Since then hand made one of a kind jewelry and knits were added to the collection. We were inspired by time spent in the market places of Peru.


It has since evolved to Mickle Muckle Gallery llc, and Violet Glo by ClarelAmure jewelry line.


Building websites was an avenue to display and sell our "art" and ideas. We've spent more time designing websites, It's become our passion!

It constantly evolves! It's always new!

Support World Vision and Get 10% off your site.

To "sponser" a child in need go to:


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We will provide web services for all companies, individuals, situations and occasions.

However, under no circumstances will we work on any project that contains:

Obscene, profane, hateful, pornographic, or violent content. Furthermore, we will not work on any project that implies any of the above or can be perceived as such.


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